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I write about the two topics that I am most passionate about; Sales, Marketing and Social Media. These topics are covered from my experiences in outside sales and marketing. My objective is to use my expertise to help business and the individual produce better results in these areas. Feel free to send me your questions. The blog is published on Wordpress and tumblr along with the LinkedIn publishing platform.

How Education is being Disrupted

The field of education is changing at a rapid rate. We can see these changes at all levels, especially at the K-12 space. Instructional shifts, Common Core standards and instructional technology are disrupting the way education is provided to students. SMART boards are used in a majority of classrooms which allows Teachers to make lessons interactive for students. The Teacher centered model is being replaced with the Student centered model. Students of today need constant stimulation, especially with technology. Traditional teaching methods and hardcover books do not stimulate the learners of today.

The Teacher of today is faced with more challenges than ever before. However there are more opportunities than ever before. The testing and education technology space is a multi-million dollar industry.  Venture capitalists are investing millions in ed-tech start ups.

So what does this mean for the teacher? This means that if teachers decide to take their educational expertise and apply it to creating high quality instructional materials that everyone can use; they have the potential to earn more money than  the average classroom Teacher.

Teachers have more challenges than ever before but they also have more opportunities as well.

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<p>How to Collaborate using Google Drive 
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Where’s the Beef?

The prices of Beef have sky rocketed  lately. I went out to dinner at a popular restaurant in New York City and the size of the steak I usually get; shrank to about half of the size for roughly the same amount of money. That is a hugh price increase!

Has anyone else noticed a similar trend when dining out? Tweet me at @DanGalante with your story.

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Dodge also has done an amazing Job with the Viper.

Ford has done an amazing job with their display. The Ford GT is an amazing sports car.

Jeep also offers a Ride and Drive at the show.

The 2015 New York International Auto Show: Where Direct, Digital and Trade Show Marketing Meet

Trade shows are a great opportunity for brands and whole industries to sell and market their products. I have experienced this first hand during my time in Outside Sales and Marketing. Since then, Social Media has exploded. Last week, I had the privilege of covering the New York Auto show as I do each year. This trade show is an example how the Auto industry interconnects digital, direct and Trade show marketing in one synergy. The New York International show is promoted through various social networks, advertising and direct marketing i.e promotions and discounts.

However, the marketing does not end once you visit the show. Visitors are provided with literature from each auto brand along with the opportunity to view and engage with live exhibits. Visitors are then encourage to share their experience with others via Social Networks which provides free advertising for show organizers and auto brands. Cars and trucks are available to to sit in allowing potential buyers to get a feel for the vehicles.

Above, I have provided pictures and video highlights from my coverage but it is no substitute for being there. The show runs from April 3rd to April 12th. Stop by and visit if you are in the New York area! 

Additional pictures can be found here.

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Why Less is More when Presenting with Slides

Getting people to pay attention to your message and brand is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s attention economy. This is especially true when making a Sales and Marketing presentation. When making a presentation using PowerPoint/Slide-decks, are you inundating your prospects and audience with slide after slide of visuals? While visuals are important, too many of them can overwhelm your prospects and audience. Remember the goal of your presentation is to inform, persuade and engage your audience to take action based on your message. You do not want overwhelm and/or bore your audience.

Recently, I was honored by Slideshare for being in the top 5 percent of presentations and profiles viewed in 2014. One of the reasons for my success according to Slideshare was that my presentations were an average of 6 slides shorter than the average in 2014. In the link that I have shared above, it shows how the average size of a presentation has decreased from 21 slides in 2008 to 14 slides in 2013. In 2014, the average size of a presentation was 11 slides.

This data offers statistical proof that all marketers/sellers need to arrive at the point quickly or risk losing the attention of their audience/prospects.

Lost Attention = Lost Influence = Lost sales/market-share. Think about Television ratings and advertising sales/rates.

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